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In October 1993, my father, Giovanni Savo, made a career-changing decision, swapping his lifetime trade in the plastic industry for one of his great passions: motorcars. Being Italian, his appreciation of the lines and colours on vehicles is what drove his ambition to open up a panel beating and spray painting business - small enough to keep pasta on the table, but large enough to fulfil his passion for perfection. Not only did he provide a pristine finish to all his work, but his kind, generous and genuine customer service earned him a good reputation.

That is where Savo's Panel Beaters began. Sadly, Giovanni passed away in September 2001, but I continue to fulfill his legacy, and we at Savo's Panel Beaters strive for perfection in every job we undertake.

- Anthony Savo

319 Martin Drive, Msasa  •  Tel: 485664  •  Tele/fax: 487351  •  E-mail: ant@savo.co.zw